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As a high school junior and senior it’s important to start looking at colleges as early as possible. When you enter the final two years of high school is when people start asking you the big question “Have you started to look at schools yet?” Being able to answer this question is certainly a nice thing to be able to do, and it’s also a major decision which should take major planning and a lot of thought. Many people wonder, what should I be looking at when I’m in high school about colleges? Well here’s a list of some things to think about when checking out colleges in high school.

1) Food- Food is pretty important when deciding whether or not to attend a college. The food has to be something to you like, considering you’re going to have to be eating it for your stay at the college. It can also be important to check out the food if you’re a very health conscious person, although almost every college I’ve been to offers both options for healthy and non healthy food.

2) People- Talk to the people when you visit, and find out if they’re the type of person you can see yourself hanging out with. You want to make sure that you’re going to fit in at the new college, so make sure that they’re the right type of person for you. Many people may not get along or have too many cultural or other differences, so make sure that they’re the type of person you enjoy spending time with, otherwise you’re not going to enjoy your college experience.

3) Location- Location is a huge part of choosing a college. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to stay home, or go someplace new check out schools in different areas. I’d recommend narrowing it down to a couple different cities or towns that you’d like to check out then pick your favorite colleges in those areas. Once you have chosen your favorite colleges in those areas go on a trip and visit all the colleges at least once, although you really have to visit more than once to get the best feel of the college. Once you have decided what area you would like to go to college in, then of course you must narrow it down to the colleges in that area that you like, and re-visit and weigh the pros and cons of each college.

4) Price- Price is extremely important when checking out a college as you onto want to put yourself in too much debt as soon as you graduate. Check out the proper school that is in the right price range for your family, and try to stick to that budget. It’s okay to have a small amount of debt when you graduate, but it’s really not a good feeling graduating college, then getting hit with $200,000 of loan money you have to pay back, not to mention the huge amount of interest you’re probably paying on such a substantial amount of money.

5) Dorms- The dorms are incredibly important, because that’s where you’re going to have be comfortable living. Don’t expect much in the way of freshman dorms, or dorms in general, but try to find ones that you’re comfortable in.

There is actually a lot more to think about when deciding whether or not you like a particular school. Of course, since you’re only in high school you’re only in the beginning stages of looking for colleges. If you look at all the different criteria I have listed above, and enjoy all of those things about the college, than you might have a nice match for the next four years of your life.