Fun Maths Investigations for High School Students

Teaching high school students is always a challenge. The bigger challenge is to make complex subjects in math fun. Because math and science go together especially in real life investigation, that is the natural place to make the investigations fun. Constructing angles using the Pythagorean theorem is one fun way to engage high school students. For students, with a background in construction this one becomes extremely practical.

Statistics and logic

The areas of statistics and logic offer an educator many expressions of math. Most secondary students jump at the chance to figure out problems in real life using math. For instance, collecting surveys from their classmates about their friends or activities provide math problems. For instance: “Can you prove whether or not the number of people with an odd number of friendships in any given group is always even?”


Math and art where students create architecture and sculptures are other fun options that a math teacher can employ. These art forms use many geometric figures to create an end product. Topics of investigation can include tessellations, polyhedral, topology, lithograph, optical illusions, and computer sciences. Many paintings and drawings use geometry to make the intricate designs that students can talk about in their math class. Students can also use their own campus or town and find examples of architecture that demonstrates the use of mathematics. These require a basic knowledge of algebra and geometry.


The Internet provides many brain games that use math to improve the brain’s functions. These games can teach as well as entertain a student that struggles with math. They might even make the student learn to love the subject. Some websites show how to get the correct answer. Students of all levels can enjoy these math games.


Science is a field that often integrates math into it. Students use math to complete many experiments in chemistry and biology. Using those examples found in textbooks can become investigations that lead students into medicine and other fields of science. Having students figure out the math behind a scientific experiment is an investigation that will lead to more experiments if the student wishes. All equations in science are math problems that high school students might find fun. These investigations require the students to have a basic knowledge of algebra.

Math is a wide-open field that uses many real life examples that students can learn. Often this field seems threatening, but using integrations, students can learn to overcome math anxiety and use it effectively.