Geometry Careers

Being good in Geometry usually means that a student has a good understanding of both Algebra and special problem solving. Having good visual problem solving skills can lead a student to a wide range of career fields. Below is a list of some great jobs for students who are excel in Geometry.

CAD Technician CAD Technicians work very closely with engineers, but they do not have to have a four-year college degree. Technicians translate hand sketches and verbal descriptions into computer models. The work can include a variety of industries including civil engineering, architecture, automotive design, and many others. Salaries start at $30,000 a year.

Math Teacher Colleges and universities are always looking for people who have PhDs in Math to teach their Engineering students, but math teachers are in high demand in middle and high schools. Some school districts pay a premium for people who are qualified to teach secondary math. Being able to literally picture a concept in Geometry means that you can probably explain it well to other people. If you get an M.S. degree you can teach on the college level, which offers a much more flexible schedule. Salaries range from $35,000 to $70,000 a year.

Engineering All branches of engineering can use people who are good at Geometry and more advanced math, but your focus should depend on the areas you’re most interested in. Since excelling at Geometry means that you are good at expressing a concept visually, engineering might be a very good fit. Think about Mechanical Engineering; a very hands-on field that will have you doing a lot of 3D visualization and problem solving. Aerospace engineers look at the effect of shapes on airline, boat, and automotive designs. Engineers usually start around $50,000 a year, with an average salary of about $85,000, although this can be much higher for engineers who own their own design firms.

Graphic Designer or Sculpture Artist Granted, these are two very different careers, but when viewed mathematically you can really see the similarities between the two. Graphic designers usually have at least an A.S. degree in Computer-aided design, and salaries start at $30,000. Work includes designing webpages, logos, and other commercial art. A successful sculpture artist must have the ability to forsee his or her art before it is created, as well as envision a step-by-step creation process. Since most sculpture artists are self-employed it is hard to get good salary figures, but some more famous artists can earn over 5 million a year.

If you’re good at Geometry talk to your teachers about possible career fields for you. Also talk to college students, their professors, and people working in the career field you’re interested in.