Get Smarter Summer Break

The summer break is a time for most high school students to play and have fun.  There is nothing wrong with that, but there needs to be a group of people who take the time off and increase their wisdom and knowledge.  High school students can use the summer break in several ways to get smarter while they have the free time.

1.  A student should try to know their classes for the upcoming year and get the books that will be used.  This may not always be possible to find out, but most teachers want their students to do well, and therefore, if they know the books, they will tell the student.  There are so many benefits to a student studying their book for the next year and they can get a little ahead of everyone else that is relaxing.  If the student has a question about some part of the book, they can either go to another student that had that class, or they can find someone who will know the answer.

2.  When a high school student wants to get smarter during the summer break, they will try to get notes from their upcoming classes from other students.  Even if they only borrow the notes for a while, this can give them an opportunity to understand the subject better and know what to expect from the teacher.  If the student is smart and doesn’t have many notes, then the student will know the style of the teacher.  Notes are an important part of a class, and if the student can browse the notes for the upcoming year, then they will gain some knowledge.

3.  Reading books is especially important to becoming smarter.  The summer break is a perfect time to pick ten or twenty books and get them read.  If the student already knows what field they are pursuing, then they should definitely look into buying books related to that subject.  Most people who read are fairly smart, and there is a lot of time available during the summer to read.

The tendency is for a high school student to spend their summer and not get much accomplished.  They may earn some extra money, or go to a lot of parties, but if they never spend time trying to gain knowledge, then they may have a rough time in life.