Getting help from a teacher

It is not unusual to see students who do not fully understand their homework assignments. Nobody is perfect, and not every student will receive a perfect score on assignments, quizzes, and tests all the time. Even students who receive all As can still find themselves summoning teachers to get help with their schoolwork.

One problem with some students is that they become too shy to face their teachers in person and explain the problems they are having with their homework. Many students feel they should impress their teachers by working on their own assignments without any help. Getting homework help is always a privilege for students struggling. And teachers should always be willing to assist them.    

Make a special appointment with your teacher

Find an appropriate time to receive help from your teacher. Make sure you get the time you need that is long enough to go over areas with which you are struggling. Often students talk to their teachers right after classes during school hours. That is deemed helpful, but those students will likely need more time devoted to receive homework assistance. Asking your teacher for an appointment after school will be less stressful. If you prefer working through lunch, you can talk to your teacher about that. Just remember, it is entirely up to you to create a meeting time that works best for you.

Clearly explain problems you are having

After you meet with your teacher, it is time to get down to business. Explain exactly the problems you are encountering in your assignment. If you are working on a math problem, you should ask your teacher what you are doing that gives you an incorrect answer. Better yet, what part of math is giving you the most trouble? Let the teacher know, and he or she will be very happy to explain that to you more clearly.

For reading, you can talk about what you do not understand from a story and have your teacher explain its characters clearly. The teacher should even provide helpful tips to get you to ace your reading with comprehension. Always feel free to make any notes for your assignments. 

Whether help is given in or out of school, the most important factor is for students to understand certain facts and emphasize them for future quizzes and tests. Teachers do indeed teach to students. They work very hard to help the students succeed. When students receive help from their instructors, they need to thank them for being academically successful.