Grade Teachers Make them Teach or Flunk them – Yes

Yes. Teachers should be judged by their students’ exam grades. There must be a standard of comparison. The best method is by how well their students perform in exams.

The students in the classroom must adhere to the grading system educators have in place for the curriculum they are learning. The teacher in that class is trusted to teach that information to the kids in his/her class. Statistically, some students will fail. A two percent failure rate is expected. However, when ninety percent of the students fail, the teacher and methods used to teach must come under scrutiny.

Every parent hears their child say the teacher is stupid or the class is stupid. Usually that means the child is challenged and has to work harder for a good grade. When your child comes home crying because they continually fail tests in a certain class, parents need to ask questions.

Did your child study? Did your child understand the work? Did your child ask for help if they did not understand the work? Was your child denied help? How many other children failed the test? How many students are in the class?

You may be surprised at some of the answers you get. Some students ask for help and are denied because that teacher does not have time after school to help. Your child, along with many others, does not understand the work and the teacher refuses to change the presentation. The answer that all but two students failed should raise red flags and a visit to your child’s school must happen.

Every occupation has a standard by which individual performance is compared. Teachers should not be held above this common practice. They attend universities and continue education throughout their careers but can they teach? By what measure of quality will teachers compare if not by the performance of those they teach?

More attention to how engaged the students are in a subject and the grades of one class should make up a large part of a teacher’s review. Examine classes individually instead of as a whole. Turn attention to a teacher’s teaching ability rather than the district’s average.

Teachers should be judged by intermittent assessments their students take throughout the year.  The tests student’s take at the end of chapters or units are a much better way to judge a teacher than the prepared tests students are forced to take every year. An educator’s abilities are seen much clearer by examining all the tests students take in the class than by one test taken during a three or fou day period. Educators should look forward to being evaluated in this way because they can stop teaching for the standardized tests and teach the subjects for which they studied.

Standardized testing is a joke. The entire nation knows when standardized test time has arrived. Your children get extra breaks and catered snacks during the days of testing. School officials are giving students the answers to the tests or changing answers so their schools do not fail. Do not always blame your child if they fail an exam; their teacher may really be stupid.