Graduation Tips how to Write thank you Notes

So you have just graduated, and you have gotten a lot of nice gifts. You have used the money, and gotten some really great gifts that you wanted after the fact as well. The only thing that remains now is showing the gratitude that you have for those who have bothered to get you gifts. Some of the gifts that you get can be expensive, and you surely want to take some time to write a thank you note if at all possible. How do you write one though?

Make sure that you know who got you the gift. There is nothing more awkward than sending a thank you note to grandma when your uncle got you the gift. This just shows that you don’t care enough to find out who actually got you the gift. It can also suggest that if you don’t find out who the gift was from, and you just assume, that you might have some pre-conceived notions of family members. Seems like a dumb thing, but it happens sometimes.

Mention the gift in the note. Nothing says sincere like knowing what you are thanking the person for. Did they get you money, a TV, a fridge? Did you use the money to get something that you really wanted? If so, make sure you don’t thank them for the money, but thank them for what the money was then turned into. Even if it was just savings for the future, or some investments you made, mention what the money was eventually used for.

The letter should be an appropriate length as well. It should probably be at least a page, and it should be hand-written. Take the time to show you care by writing it out by hand. It will be much more appreciated by the person getting the note, and it will make it look like you really appreciate the gift that you got. A simple thank you is fine, and mention the gift, and close with thanking them for going to the party even if they attended.

The end of the letter is important too. Make sure you end it with a sincerely, or something else that indicates that you are really glad they came. Don’t simply end with your name, and hope that it is good enough. Even if you just end with a simple thanks, and then your name that will pass as long as it was just a friend, or distant relative. For mom or dad you might want to end with a love, (insert your name) and close that way.

Writing a thank you is a good thing to do when you get a gift. Thank you’s are good way to make sure that people know you acknowledge the gift, and appreciate getting it. People spend a lot of time and money getting gifts and want to be sure that you know and realize that. A good thank you note accomplishes this goal with flying colors.