Graduation Tips why Alcohol and Celebrations are a Bad Mix

Graduation is a time of celebration. However, though graduation should be a fun time for students and parents alike, mixing alcohol and this important celebration together can result in awful consequences that can cause regret in the future.

Teenagers and young adults have been told about the various negative consequences of drinking too much alcohol. On the one hand, teenagers take this important information to heart and really know how too much alcohol can affect somebody. On the other hand, when teenagers see alcohol as part of all celebrations, especially depicted through entertainment and the media, teenagers want to think that they can act in a similar way, too.

So, what are the results of this conflicting set of morals? Celebrations, in any form and fashion, become nightmares. And, for those who want their graduation night to be memorable in a positive way, having too much alcohol can be an obstruction.

For those who are thinking about mixing alcohol with their graduation celebration, they should definitely think about the amount of regret that they will feel later on, if and when something goes wrong during the celebration. Most people will only have a mild reaction to alcohol; they may be visibly drunk, glassy-eyed, and incomprehensible, but at least they are not violent. However, there are some people who do have a violent reaction to alcohol. Alcohol can release their aggressive personalities, and those around them will suffer. Fights can ensue, and these can escalate to something worse, like death or the arrival of the police. No one wants to go to jail on their graduation night.

This is not to say, however, that you can’t have a good time without alcohol. You cannot believe the propaganda and the advertisements that tell you, though in a subtle way, that alcohol is “needed” to have a good time. With all of this mixed advice, there’s no wonder that teenagers are confused about whether or not they should have alcohol.

However, if you believe in all that hype, you can become a statistic, whether you just go to jail or you end up on a bathroom floor, unconscious from alcohol poisoning. These consequences are real, and they can happen to you if you think that you need alcohol to be “part of the crowd.” Instead of taking this huge risk to yourself and to others, why not create a graduation celebration that you and your friends can remember positively for the rest of your lives?