Graduation Tips why Alcohol and Celebrations are a Bad Mix

Why are alcohol and graduation parties not a good mix? Well lets think about this for a second. There are so many things that can go wrong with alcohol and celebrations. You are in a good mood and the party is going well, everyone is having a great time celebrating your graduation. However, what happens if you or a friend decide to get in the car to go to that next party? What happens if you get into an accident, and all of a sudden your entire life is changed?

Remember that unless you are 21 you should not be drinking at all. And unless you are really slow, you shouldn’t be 21 yet when you graduate from high school. That means that you don’t have the right yet to drink, and you should really be refraining from it. Even if you think that one drink is not going to effect anything, you have no clue that it will turn out to be a harmless drink. There are too many things that can go wrong.

I know that in New York, there is a no tolerance policy. That means that even if you get caught with one drink, you can have your license suspended, and other actions taken against you. Why risk that? Imagine if you got into an accident because of driving after drinking. Even if you are not drunk, you are still in a lot of trouble because you are under 21, and caught under the influence of even one drink.

Say that you don’t get into an accident driving, and say you don’t even drive? What happens if a friend does though? What if in a drunken stupor you have sex with someone, or you get into a fight? Do you really want to wake up the next morning with a child on the way, or with a black eye and a lawsuit from your neighbor? What if your friend drives drunk and gets in trouble? You realize that your parents are liable for that right?

There is really no need to drink and drive, or drink at all on graduation night. Just be happy that you made it through high school, and just have fun for the night. Why do you need to drink, when you are already the focus of the night? Think about your friends, and your family when you think that you need to drink when you party. Is your mom going to be happy with you the next day when you show up at your house hammered, or possibly worse?

Don’t drink when you are celebrating your graduation. There is too much at risk, and you don’t need to be risking your future. Don’t put your parents house, car, and savings at risk because you are stupid. Don’t put your health and safety at risk needlessly as well. It is never a good idea to drink and leave your house, but especially not when you are not even legal to drink yet.