Great Science Sites for Kids Games

Homeschooling parents, teachers who want to supplement their curriculum, or kids that absolutely love science will benefit from some of the great science websites available today. These sites offer games that entertain and teach. Check them out!

Science Kids

Science Kids: Fun Science and Technology for Kids has a page of games that are excellent. Whether you are teaching your child about the food chain, the body, plants or animals, this New Zealand website has a great game to offer. The games include variety. For example, the skeleton game allows you to change the skeleton to another creature, such as a horse or an ant. Don’t miss the chemistry section. Take time to check this site out.

Primary Games

Primary Games is a website with science games that are geared toward the young audience. Children will be attracted to names, such as, Germ Huner, Dinosaur Fun and Brilliant Brushers.  The language is simple, but emergent readers might need someone to help them get started.

Sid, the Science Kid

Leave it to PBS to come up with a great science site for young kids that includes science games. Based on the half-hour children’s show of the same name, Sid offers lots of experience with the idea of science fairs. It includes the game, “I Want to Be a Scientist.” When you click on the game, it reads the title for the child. The games require audio capabilities. There are no stereotypes here. Scientists are male, female and multi-cultural. 

Happy Chemist

Create an interest in chemistry with this simple site that offers a long list of chemistry- related science games. Players can build an oil refinery, share their knowledge of the periodic table or play chemical mahjongg. Knowledge is gained through experience and these games will help provide the experience.


Exploritorium, the museum of science, art and human perception has some incredible games. For example, teach your children how to dissect an eye and them let them do one themselves at Cow’s Eye Dissection or let them try the listening games, where they learn more about the importance of listening. 

National Geographic Kids

You know you can expect excellence from National Geographic, and their kid’s science page is no different than their adult pages. On the homepage, there is a link to their game page. There, you will find a plethora of options. Action games, adventure games, puzzles, quizzes and more provide plenty of genres. Once you choose the type of game you want your child to play, you will be faced with even more choices. While many of the games focus on geography, there are still games for science, such as Baby Animal Memory or Quiz Your Noodle: NASA.

Reinforce lessons, introduce new material and let your kids have fun. These amazing science websites will enhance their learning experience and make them look forward to science class.