Guide for Teachers on Spotting Essay Writing Scam Sites

A discussion of essay writing scam sites may be mistaken to mean the reaction a teacher will have upon discovering a student has submitted a plagiarized essay assignment. The two are not the same and in fact, are usually entirely different topics.

The dilemma of essay writing scams in education

There are many websites that tout claims of being able to provide a wide variety of essays that are available for virtually any subject matter or class. There are just as many problems with essay writing sites as there are sites. What many individuals may not know is that there are legitimate essay writing sites that are often consulted at different education levels and for different types of assignments. This may be perfectly acceptable in some educational facilities or classes. In fact, if it were not, then there would be no need for teachers or professors to learn how to spot or tell the difference between scam and legitimate essay writing sites. Those essay writing sites that are legitimate have one big factor that makes them reputable that other sites, such as scam essay writing sites cannot claim – that is the fact that the legitimate essay writing sites provide models only, as explained by Custom Written in ‘Students Who Use Research Writing Services, Cheat and Lie…’

In discussing the legitimate essay writing sites, Custom Written says that while scam sites and students may participate in scams and plagiarism when it comes to essays, that it is “a shame” that the “products of legitimate custom research and writing services are lumped into the same category” as stolen work. The reputable essay writing sites provides students with models or examples of essays, teaching the student how to create their own research paper or essay. By doing this, the site retains its reputation as a legitimate, reputable site, the student has quality guidelines and models of how to write an appropriate essay and the teacher can be assured that the essay that will be turned in by students is free of plagiarism.

The main issue with essay writing sites is widespread scams associated with such sites. If a teacher permits students to consult with or purchase information and materials from an essay writing site, then the teacher is also involved in determining the legitimacy of such sites. Many are scams that take the money and never deliver on the essay writing services or entire essay that is promised, in the event a student is attempting to purchase an essay and submit it as his or her own. In other cases, the material may be so poorly written that the quality does more damage than good. There are ways that a teacher can spot essay writing scam sites, however.

Teachers can learn to spot scam essay writing sites

One of the first flags that a teacher can look for when determining if an essay writing site is a scam or not is to closely pay attention to the information on the site explaining the services. A teacher may have suspicions if the first sentence of an alleged legitimate essay writing site is something like: “You might have an idea how important your English teacher.” The teacher may also be suspicious if the site goes on to say that you “cannot rely solely on the teacher’s style of writing and that this style is the best.” The teacher may have even less confidence in referring students to the site or mentioning it in essay instructions or in a syllabus as a reputable site if that site also accuses teachers of “favoring just the top students…” So a teacher or other educator, or even a student, may wonder why anyone in their right mind would pay money for an essay, or essay writing tips for an essay that is going to be graded by the teacher whom the website just stated does not know how to write.

Visiting different pages on a site may reveal even more information. For instance, after insulting the very teacher who will grade the essay with which a student may need to seek professional help, the website may further claim that other sites are not reputable but their own site can be trusted. The teacher will want to scroll through the entire page, just in case at the bottom of the page there is a statement that touts the site as “the true creator of non-traceable essays.”

Essay UK says that for individuals in the United States or in the United Kingdom, it “makes sense” to go with a more local company “located within the same jurisdiction as you.” That way, if something does go wrong, you have a much better chance at getting your money back. If you purchase an essay or any services from an essay writing company and that company is not in the same country as you, just like with any other scam, you have little to no chance of getting a refund. Many individuals still become victims of international scammers and fraudsters everyday, incorrectly assuming the police or government can get their money back. It simply is not true. If you live in the United States or United Kingdom and that is not the location of the company, then the United States nor the United Kingdom cannot get a penny of your money back. That is because each country only has jurisdiction within the confines of their own country and its territories.

Essay UK also says that a legitimate company would have nothing to hide, then asks the question “so why is it that some won’t you visit their offices?” Another possible indication that an essay writing site is a scam site is that if you are able to obtain a telephone number, you get redirected upon dialing the listed number.

Genius Writer also points out that if the site does not offer a free draft example of their services and work, it may be a scam.

Teachers can discover cheating students

Even if essay writing sites are permitted to guide students through determining the style or focus of an assigned essay, there are students who will unfortunately take full advantage of any and every opportunity to avoid doing any of the work themselves. Fortunately, sites like Custom Written have begun posting known essays and the name of the students who plagiarized or committed other offenses related to submitting work as their own, when in fact, it is not. This will discredit the student and will alert other teachers to the previous inappropriate activity of the cheating student. This will allow every future teacher or professor to scrutinize every essay submitted by that student more closely.

When a student honestly needs some direction or other assistance in writing essays, the teacher may allow guidance to be obtained through an essay writing site. The teacher may even suggest it. But the teacher must become informed about spotting essay writing scam sites.