Having a Religion Class in High School

A lot of arguments have been going around for years about the subject of God being allowed into the public school system.  The truth is that the United States is a country that was founded upon the Word of God and is a place known for its freedom of religion and not freedom from religion.  However, this article will not get into a big debate over that subject but will provide some reasons for the importance of having a religion class in high school.

1)  Religion class can give the student an option to choose what religion they want to learn about and pursue in life.  The option to let them choose is great if they have an opportunity to hear about each religion from people that study that specific sect.  It would be fair to say that our society isn’t that moral that we don’t need to be teaching religion.  Having a person come in for a couple of weeks and teaching about their religion is a good start to helping the students in high school choose for themselves what they would like to pursue.  All the teacher is there to do is give them the facts and not try and persuade them. Give them the information and allow them to choose on their own!

2)  Balance their education with what they are already being taught!  Most schools teach evolution, hand out condoms, and have sex education courses, but religion is not allowed.  The propaganda that is pushed in the schools seem to point the high school students in the wrong direction and if someone wants to try and steer them in the right direction, it is not allowed.  At least don’t brainwash the children what you want them to believe, but rather give them the choice and give them balanced information to make the decision.  Teaching high school students using a balanced curriculum gives them a fair opportunity to learn and choose on their own instead of being brainwashed.  If a school is going to deny God, then also they need to deny evolution because that is a religious belief for some sects.  If a school is going to condone sex before marriage and encourage it, that is also a religion.  Give the students a balanced class schedule to allow them to hear both sides and better yet, don’t encourage something where they can get into trouble as a result.

Having a religion class in high school will give the students an opportunity to choose for themselves what they want to pursue if anything.