High School Bulletin Boards Democracy

Teaching students in high school about their role and responsibility as citizens in a free nation by using a bulletin board can  do wonders in catching their attention as long as it looks interesting, has information in short form, and pictures that grabs their attention.

A democracy writing contest could be set  up in advanced and the winners article could be displayed with their picture on the bulletin board for the students to read.  Have length to just one page and their picture attached.

The use of pictures of the founding fathers, or mention of various events that helped a nation to win its place in a democratic society can be used.  Also, asking students themselves to help on the bulletin board can produce many ideas that could be used now or later.  As well as, stories of people who contributed to their nations ability to have a free democratic nation could be another example for a high school bulletin board.

Below is an example of how a bulletin board could be displayed in a high school hall.  

High School  bulletin board depicting Democracy to High School Students:

1)   Cover the bulletin board in navy blue paper.

 2)  Across the top of the bulletin board have the words DEMOCRACY, with the letters in red, white, and blue

3) Place a picture of the Constitution of the United States, along with an address of where each student could get their own copy.  Usually the  Republican or Democratic party have them to give away to voters.

4)  Show pictures of people that have been elected for an office:  The House of Representatives, the Senate, and local elected officials with current names and addresses.  Maybe have tear off sheets where they can contact them with concerns the students might have.

5)  Display a picture of people voting, or a voting machine.  Have dates when elections are held, both local and national.  Also, have places listed where they go to vote.

6)  Display a poster describing Democracy, list the parties that represent the people, and contact information.

7)  Display a copy of the Bill of Rights,

8)  Show pictures of the armed services that protect democracy in a free nation.  Add pictures of local armed service personnel that the students might know personally.  These could be placed around the outer edge of the bulletin board on stars or colored paper of red, white, and blue.
9)  Add white stars to balance out the board.