High School Diploma Requirements that Students Pass Statenational Standards

I think the requirements are just fine. I feel that getting a high school diploma is the most important thing that you can get. It’s the gateway to college and the future. Without a high school degree you will be struggling throughout life unless your extremely lucky. My problem is the children that drop out of public schools. They not only jeopardize their future by dropping out but they cost the taxpayers of the state millions of dollars.

Chances are if you don’t get a high school degree then you will probably either end up on public assistance or in prison. Their is no reason to drop out of school. Schools cater to everybody. If you become pregnant schools have daycare, If you have learning issues their is special education to help you out. 60% gets you a diploma.

My solution is if a student drops out of school and does not get a GED or their high school diploma by age 21 then they should be required to pay back the money that the taxpayers paid to put this student through school for the purpose to get a high school degree. If they cannot afford to pay back the money then they should be required to work for the state at minimum wage pay part-time until they pay back the taxpayers money that they wasted.

Also to drive it in to these students that make this horrific decision to drop out of school I’d also say if you do not get your high school degree or your GED by age 21 you will be cut off of all public assistance. This seems harsh but they will know the consequences and they have 4 years after high school to get that GED they failed to get. That is plenty of time to pass a test.

They must know that they cannot count on the system all their life. Without the degree it would be unlikely they would ever get off assistance so they need to be pushed. As I said at the beginning of this article a high school degree is the most important thing for a successful life.