High School Dropout Tales

High School Dropout wasn’t that a song? In “Grease?” Yep, it sure was. The character of Frenchy drops out of high school and becomes a student at the local cosmetology school. Finding it is not as easy as it appeared, she goes back to high school to finish up and start on the next part of her life. Thank goodness! Anybody that has that much trouble coloring her own hair?!? She would have been unleashed on an unsuspecting public! Oh my gosh!

But she made the right choice. She returned to the basics because she really wasn’t ready to step into the working world with the amount of knowledge she had. She still had more to learn and one of the biggest items one needs to learn is patience. Yes, patience. You have to be patient enough to sit and do the homework. You have to be patient enough to study for the tests. Patient to sit and work the exams. And really patient when the test results won’t come in for 2 days!

Anything worth doing is worth doing well and most of what we are asked to do requires time and patience as we move through the exercises in the math books, do the experiments in the science labs, run around the track in P.E., read the sonnet once again in English class. And if we don’t get it the first time, we must go back and patiently work through it all again.

But in the end, the rewards are great! Not only do you get a diploma, you get the added benefit of seeing the pride in your Mom’s eyes, the smile on your Grandpa’s face and the extra special feeling of accomplishment in your own heart. And you get to write on your job application that you have a “High School Diploma!”

Then the doors will open! Maybe college is for you. There are all sorts of avenues for you to try like a class in Business Law that could be the entrance class for a career in Criminal Law. Accounting could lead to your own company managing folk’s income taxes. Physics could lead to an engineering career. And fun classes like Film History, Guitar, Pottery, and Italian for that trip to Italy.

If not college, you have opportunities to start in a store management training program that will help you progress into the upper management of a retail establishment.

But you can’t do any of this without that High School Diploma!

Your diploma will show an employer that you stayed the course, you finished the race, and you completed the requirements. And he will have confidence that you can, and will, do it again for him!

So keep your eye on the future and just be patient! One day soon you will be finished and ready to move to the next step. Then you will have that diploma in hand and have that “ticket” that opens every door. Hurrah for you!