High School how to get on your Teachers Good Side

The last thing any high school student wants is to be on his or her teacher’s bad side. Getting off to the wrong start with your teacher or making a bad impression is a sure way to not do well and get good grades in your classes. Your teachers are there to see you succeed and you should do your best to have a good relationship with each of them.

You will want to begin by putting your best foot forward from the first day, so start by being on time. It is extremely important to your success as a student to always be punctual and always be prepared. Make sure that you have all of your school supplies and that you have extra pens and pencils and that all of your pencils are sharpened so you will have no reason to get out of your seat and disrupt the lesson. It is even a good idea to have a hand held sharpener in your school bag with a cover to catch the pencil shavings. Leave your ipod at home and if you must carry a cell phone, turn it off and leave it in your bag while you are on campus.

The next thing that will help you to get on the good side of your teachers is to pay attention in class. Teachers love students who listen and follow directions. Never talk while your teacher is speaking; it’s rude and it wastes everyone’s time. Always raise your hand and always wait to be called upon before saying what you have to say in class.

Teachers also love students who actively participate in class. When your teacher asks a question, always raise your hand and at least try to give a guess at the answer. If your teacher is going over material that you do not quite understand, always raise your hand and ask the teacher to repeat or explain the information to you. Don’t ever be shy about your class participation; your teacher is there to help you do well in high school and even beyond.

Always, always, always complete your assignments. Even if you do not completely understand the material, write down some kind of answer to every question, even if you have to write “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand this.” Your teacher will see you are making an effort and will be more inclined to offer to help you. When completing your assignments, always use complete sentences. If the question is “what color is the sky?” don’t just answer “blue.” Your answer needs to express a complete thought such as “the sky is blue.”

Last, but certainly not least, always be respectful at all times. This is possibly the one thing that can affect your academic life more than anything else, other than doing your school work. Always address your teachers appropriately and never argue, even when you think you are right. Being respectful also includes taking pride in yourself and your appearance and not using foul language. It means showing consideration for your fellow classmates, as well as behaving in a polite manner.

If you put your best foot forward and maintain a good attitude, you can have a positive relationship with all of your high school teachers and not just stay on their good sides, but excel in your classes as well.