High School Stress

High school students go through times as a student where they have a lot of stress.  Sometimes, this stress affects them in such a way where they don’t want to continue and they end up dropping out.  Stress affects people in different ways, and many people learn to deal with stress since it will be something that they will face all of their lives.  There are several ways that a high school student can cope with personal stress while they are at school.

1.  A high school student should take a handful of their favorite candy to school with them in the morning.  When they feel a stressful moment during the day, they can reach in their pocket and eat some of that candy.  This may not seem like a realistic solution to the problem, but when someone hands a person their favorite candy, it changes their attitude.  People like having something to look forward to, and when a high school student has their favorite candy to look forward to, their stress can be decreased.

2.  Every high school student should have something to look forward to after school.  For example, if a student plays a sport, they should be looking forward to playing that sport.  Some students are involved in clubs, which is a great way to take their mind off of the stress of the day.  This is one of the best things a high school student can do is to have an activity to go to after their stressful day finishes.  Some students write down all the activities that they have to look forward to while they are in class, so it doesn’t make the class as stressful.  Whatever the case may be, there always needs to be something planned after school to help with the craziness of the day.

High school students face a lot of stress during their day.  There is pressure from the parents, the teachers, and the other students.  Adding all this up equals a long day, and a long four years.  However, if the high school student always has something to look forward to, and keeps some of their favorite candy in their pocket, they will get through the grueling four years just fine.  They have to or the alternative is to drop out and face a life of even more stress.