High School Student Tips how to keep your Class Notes Organized

One of the most important things that you can do if you are a high school student is to take notes in class. The even bigger thing though is to make sure that those notes are useful to you later on. The purpose of taking notes is so that you can get them all together to have something to study for when test time comes around. It does you no good to have a test come around, and you don’t have any good notes to study from. So how do you keep your notes organized?

The first thing you need to do is have some sort of dedicated space just for your notes on a particular subject. If you can keep a folder in your notebook for your old notes, or just have some place that you keep all your notes. You can keep them all in your notebook, but what happens if you lose your notebook? Then you don’t have any notes, and then you are not in a good spot. Besides, if you keep your notes in one spot, you don’t have to worry about what page you open to when you write notes in class.

Dating your notes is a good thing too. That way if you somehow get your notes mixed up, and you need to know if those notes are still good or not you will have the date to let you know. If it is June, and the notes are from February, chances are you won’t need the notes for very long, unless you need to study for your final exam.

If you have a scanner, or a digital camera, take a picture of your notes, and then put them into your computer. Save them as a notes file, and then you will always have them. That way you can get rid of the paper notes when you are done studying a unit, and then you will still have them when it comes time for the final later on in the year.

If you can, see if you can just bring a computer into the classroom, or ask your teacher to keep copies of the notes for you. That way you can always just ask the teacher for the notes. Chances are that they use the same notes from year to year, and just have them saved on the computer anyway. It is worth a shot if you are bad at organizing notes yourself.

So there you go, some good ways to make sure that you can keep notes organized, and ways to make sure you don’t lose them. It makes no sense to take notes if you can’t keep them organized. Messy notes are just as bad as no notes, and hopefully these tactics can come in handy for you someday.