High School Subjects and Networking – No

Networking skills should not take up valuable time in high school. This time is needed for introductory studies into the other fields.  The curricula is jam packed as it is and when something new is added, it cuts out time for other subjects. The time allotted for networking, should it ever become an option, would be better served to study more geography, health awareness classes, and more time spent would be better spent on math and languages, and in beneral, on better communication.

Networking skills are good and are necessary for business schools and other fields that students will select to enter when out of high school. Networking is not being dowplayed here, it is being discussed. Along that line, this: To insist that so much time is spent in advertising and promoting one’s businesses seems mentally unhealthy. It somehow goes against that time honored tradition of being totally honest and upright when transacting business. While networking is an honest business, far too many overuse its privileges.

Life, believe it or not, has other options other than promoting one’s business prospects and going to party after party and becoming socially adaptable. Any person who has the stamina to learn each day and to progress normally as they grow older, will learn whatever networking skills they need to know. And where these are lacking and more study is necessary and needed, extra courses can be added to fill in, at their own discretion and in their own time frame.

The point is not to question the worthiness of networking skills, but to insist on making it into a high school curriculum is getting ahead of life much too fast. In its place of course are basic computer skills are already being taught. and that should be enough. Students grow up learning how to interact via this newer technology, and lowering the expectations of students by adding networking to their high school classes would be a step backward.

Preferable to actual networking classes being taught in high schools, Internet integrity and how to conduct one’s self while on the Internet, and how not to get duped into relationships, should be  given some high school time. Yet, even here, this should not be set aside as a class, but  it should be an ingoing directive that is presented time and time again. It will save much trouble during adolescence and even in later life. To be forewarned is good, and where innocent students are at stake, it is a must.

High School is a time to acquaint the students to the world all around them. The classes offered are ones that will benefit them in their world after they begin their lives as adults. What they have learned will serve as guidelines in furthering their education, their choice of a career, the way in which they approach friendships, and much more.

The areas most meaningful to these new beginners will contain the best memories, will offer the most pleasing guidelines, and will teach the most.  If this happens to be along the lines of networking, they will have enough knowledge to know how to  interact online and how to make it useful in their life work.