High School Tips how Study Groups can be Distracting

The test is tomorrow, and you really need to study. So you get a few of your friends together, and you decide that you are going to do some studying together. It will break up the monotony and you can hang out after you guys finish studying. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, and so you decide that your friends will study in a group. Either that, or you are assigned a group that you have to study with. Either way, both can be distracting.

If you are going to study with your friends, are you really going to be going over to study? Maybe, but that Xbox sure does look tempting, and that study guide about World War II doesn’t really look all that interesting. Hey, maybe you decide that you are going to just put the World War II game into your Xbox, and study that way. Instead of studying, you just end up playing video games all night.

Anytime you are going to be assigned a group to study with, there are usually one or two people in the group who really don’t want to be there. They don’t do well in class, or maybe one of the members of the group is that really cute girl that you have a crush on. Whatever the reason might be, there isn’t going to be as much studying as you would like, or you will just end up studying that girl from class that you really have a crush.

Study groups can be great in theory, but they can also be very distracting as well. When you are studying by yourself, there is less incentive to want to do anything other than study. Maybe you watch TV, or maybe you go to bed instead, but you don’t have great options outside of studying. Not only that, but you can study how you want to, and not have to follow the study methods of someone else in the group, or be held back by a weaker member of the group.

I never really liked study groups because it seemed like no one could ever get together to meet. When I would study with my friends we would spend more time doing other things that had nothing to do with studying, or we would study really quick, and then just play games for the rest of the night, or go do something instead.

Study groups are great if you are actually committed to studying in the time that you guys are together. However, I think that sometimes it can be better to just study on your own. You know what you need to study, how you study best, and you can study at your own pace. Groups do have benefits, but they also come with a lot of distractions.