High School Tips how to Prepare for the Upcomming School Year

Being a high school student is a lifestyle and while there are many different ways to succeed, there are basic rules every student needs to follow and bad habits to control in order for their success to be possible. It starts with the body. Every student needs at least eight hours of sleep to maintain a high enough energy level to be alert and focused throughout the day, during classes, and into extra-curricular activities. From the varsity level athlete whose bodies needs sleep to repair and rebuild muscle, to the quiz team member whose brain requires sleep in order for new information to settle and to become for recall.

A study on sleep deprivation in students found the mean of those surveyed to be just over six hours a night.  The students were surveyed in part on their experiences of excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), which is defined using questions to rate the respondents sleepiness through various daytime activities.  The study found a decline in school performance as the prevalence of EDS increased.  Sleep seems like a simple task, but it can be difficult getting into a new cycle, it requires wakening up earlier and staying awake in order to fall asleep earlier the next day.  Keeping an established sleep cycle requires good time management and a well-planned schedule to accomplish what needs to be done while awake.

If falling asleep earlier in the night proves to be a challenge, exercise is the healthiest way to tire the body and make it want sleep.  Not only will exercise complement a healthy sleep cycle, but being physically active while not often engaging in low-energy leisure activities has been to high academic rank and higher self-esteem, especially in girls.

While these tips have focused on how the body can be prepared to best receive information, this next tip will focus on how to more effectively interpret the varied information presented in a high school environment.  Everyone has a hobby that holds their attention much more than the average teacher, therefore; connections between this hobby and classroom material is the best way to interpret and learn.  This is possible with any field of knowledge or hobby as long as the knowledge is developed.  An excellent and fun way to prepare for the next school year is to become more engaged in a specific hobby.  Even if video games are one’s primary interest there is a lot of knowledge surrounding the gaming community.  Playing the games may not be enough to accumulate knowledge, but doing research is how this method is effective.  Read up information on the creators of the game, the technology involved in the games creation, or any real life connection or historical time period the game was based on.  Soon enough, what started as a hobby involving little brain activity can become a field of knowledge, which can be used to make connections to schoolwork.  Making connections between different abstract fields of knowledge not only increases the chances of actual learning, but making especially abstract connections increases creativity.

Now that the mind and body can be prepared for the actual learning involved with High School, this last section will address the social aspects of high school.  The social settings of most High Schools are unfair, but it isn’t a reason to be unhappy.  Becoming comfortable in one’s skin and diving into specific personal interests is the surest way to find happiness while attracting friends who are truly interested in simply being friends.  Being engaged in a personal hobby makes for an interesting person; however, this does not mean other students will respect those interests. 

Many are often teased and bullied at some point in High School, and knowing how to deal with them can be difficult especially if a bully is targeting something that can’t be changed, like one’s personal appearance.  In response, do not respond with the first thing that comes to mind, instead count to five and use the opportunity to calm down and respond politely.  Someone who is a unique individual truly shines when they are able to not care how others perceive them.  This is how to “be cool” in high school, and how to be surrounded with excellent friends with similar interests.

High school can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be.  By appropriately preparing the body and the mind it may even be possible to enjoy the upcoming school year.