High School Tips how to take Good Class Notes

Ah yes, the high school class. While some classes might allow you to use computers, I would surmise that the majority of teachers still make you take notes the old fashioned way, which is to write them on paper. I know that laptops are a great way to take notes, and make taking notes easy, but for the most part you have to wait until college to do that. So what do you do so that you can take notes in class, and have them turn out in a way that you can use them later?

The best thing to do is to make sure that you take down as much as possible. While it is possible these days to use tools like Wikipedia, or Google to look up information about whatever you are studying in class, most teachers will make you recall exactly what is learned in class. If your teacher has a specific bit of information, or a twist on that info, it might be hard to just look it up before the test comes around.

Write legible notes., Even if you have to scribble them down in class, make sure that you write them down again after class. This way you will get the information down during class, but you will have a good copy to use for studying. It is amazing what you can forget in just a day or so, and so having a good record of what was said in class will be useful for when you study for the test a couple of weeks later,

Make sure that if you use abbreviations, that you use good ones. Make sure that you are using shorthand that you will be able to remember. If you are taking notes on George Washington, and you write Geo. Wash. make sure you can remember that. Writing something like F.B.C might be too much shorthand, and could you recall what that is? Good shorthand isn’t so good unless you can actually recall what it is later.

Good notes involve good listening during the class. If you listen to what is said, and then you write it down, you will get that reinforcement. You will be able to recall what is being said, and you will be able to connect between what was said, and what was written down should you ever struggle to recall what the notes were, or why you wrote a certain name down.

Taking good notes takes some practice, but it takes mostly common sense. Notes aren’t good unless you can use them later on. if you are too sloppy, or use bad shorthand it might not be worth even taking notes in the first place. Just write down good information, and make sure you can recall what it is, and why it is important. If you can do that, you will have good notes to use in studying for your test.