High School Tips what to Expect as a new Freshman

Students get to undergo grade school life and after that they are up to another challenge which is to face the high school life. There are a lot of things which must be anticipated when you are a freshman. Most of these are the pressures you are going to go through with. Friends, and grades are the most painful things and are the hardest things to adapt with. 

Freshmen are no longer children, they are at the verge of being a teen and that means there brain are capable of more work, stress and information. During high school life you got to adapt to the new academic environment. Tons of subjects and lessons, and addition to these are even harder lessons which require a lot of time of studying. Teens must put there game faces on, the weak hearted will not survive being a freshmen. Subjects which are even harder compared to grade school life, you have more complicated mathematics, a even vaster world of science which would be divided into tons of subjects such as biology, chemistry and even physics. Subjects which are longer to understand and to master means more time for studying, coping up with such pressures you got to keep track of time and always keep a standard schedule. Grade school life has even less number of subjects, if you once had seven subjects, in high school you would be having at least ten. More home work would be done and tons of reports. 

Being a teen also includes having social relationships and would even include bullying. In high school bullies get even worse and they think that they are always superior so show them no inferiority and put your game faces on. During this time of a teens life it is considered as the most fun part, lots of parties, more hanging out with friends and other social stuff. This is the time in which parents loosen the grip of being strict and most relationships happen during this time of a teens life. Common to freshmen now these days are at a young age they already do smoking or drinking or even both. This is what you call the peer pressures. These are the things a teen do just to fit in and to follow his or her friends foot steps. Due to peer pressure teens tend to do extremely stupid stuff just like eye balling and others. Putting the common game faces on and showing no part of inferiority an average freshmen would survive both bullying and the peer pressures. In this time this is also when teens discover new friends.