High School Tips what to Expect as a new Freshman

Every single one of us remembers the dreaded first day to high school.  The butterflies in your stomach the shear fear of the upperclassman and the uncertainty of what is ahead of us.  

The day you enter high school is generally nerve racking and confusing and causes a lot of anxiety for the incoming students.  You become the low man on the totem pole and are attempting to find your niche amongst the chaos.  The first day comes with many trials and tribulations for a freshman, you must find the new classrooms, meet the new teachers, figure out your schedule, and of course your locker. 

 The structure may be different from Junior High and that alone can cause some issues.  You are thrust into a schedule for your day and expected to adjust flawlessly and already know how to manage your time and be everywhere on time and prepared like you have been doing this forever.  This generally does not happen, but you need to breathe because you are not the only one and you will not be the last to be tardy on the first day.

Teachers are forgiving in the beginning understanding that you have never been in this building before and that you are not a natural navigator of your new surroundings.   

When entering into a new place do not hesitate to ask for help, you never know the person you ask where the bathroom is may become a great friend.  Another word of advice that should be considered if your school offers electives.  Try to take a class that any grade can be involved in such as art or drama. 

When you surround yourself with other classmates other than the same ones since kindergarten you expand your social network and may find yourself blossoming as an individual.  The older classmates have a lot of knowledge of the building, the classes, and the teachers and most of the time they are willing to pass it on to the underclassman.

The fear that is experienced by many freshmen is very common, but who is going to tell a thirteen or fourteen year old that everything is going to be fine when they are like their fellow classmates just plain afraid and thinking that they are the only one who is feeling that way. 

Everything is new for them and trying to master passing times, figuring out and remembering your code to your locker can be overwhelming, but what this writer remembers the most is the dreaded lunch block.  Standing in this large and loud room holding your lunch tray and then it hits you “where do I sit?”  Very scary for most freshmen this can decide a lot for you, it can determine your social standing by what table and with whom you sit with. Try not to worry find the familiar faces and band together; if anything it should bring some calm during the storm for you.

The first day feels like the worst day for any small fish in what seems like the vastest pond in the world, but once you become comfortable with your schedule, your friends, your evil locker, and your status within the lunch room the days become easier and the stress and anxiety drift away. 

When the first day is over you can go home relax see that you have made it out alive and will live to see a new day.  Always remember that feeling so that one day when you become the big fish you can pass on your knowledge to some nervous freshmen on their first day.