High School Ways to Overcome your Fear of Tests

At some point or another in their academic careers, students develop a fear of tests. It’s not because tests are anything to be afraid of; for, most students are only afraid of tests because they lack the self-confidence to always think that they are prepared for the test. Fortunately, overcoming your fear of tests is not difficult, as long as you follow the tips below:

Make sure that you are well-prepared. Those who think that they are not well-prepared are usually those who fear tests the most. However, most students do not know when they are truly prepared for a test. Some can think that they are prepared, and then a few minutes before the test, they can suddenly have a panic attack. As long as you know that you have studied well and for long enough, you will have the tools to follow the next tip.

Be confident of yourself. Confidence before a test can lead to two things: either a) you can fail the test and feel as if your confidence was unfounded or b) you could actually ace the test because of your confidence. Most students find that the first outcome usually comes true for them when they are confident of themselves. However, this is only because these students might not have followed the first tip, described above. As long as you have studied well, you will be more confident of your ability to succeed on the test. If you feel as if you did not study hard enough, then you will not be as confident as you should be.

Ask your teacher beforehand about the material that is going to be covered on the test. This way, you know what to prepare for and you can gain confidence about how well you will do on the test. Many teachers are willing to give away this information, but you have to be brave enough to ask. Most students do not ask unless their teacher says the information first, so make sure that you ask!

You should know that tests are only measurements of your ability, not your intelligence. If you were able to retain the information, then the test will measure that ability. So, even if you think you will do badly on one test, know that there are other tests to come on which you can do better. As long as you think that there is another tomorrow, you can overcome your fear of this one test. However, make sure that you are going to try to do well on the other tests.

A fear can be a hurdle to success. However, with the right attitude and preparation, you can overcome your fear of tests through the diligent use of these tips.