How being Bullied can Affect your School Experience

Anyone who is bullied will find that their experience of school is affected in a negative way, because when you have to turn up for school knowing that you are likely to encounter verbal abuse and physical violence, it makes you less inclined to bother going. When you’re being bullied it has such a detrimental impact on your self-esteem and overall well-being that even if you’re clever and have huge potential, academically, your studies can start to suffer because you come to loathe school so much.

Whilst there may be elements of going to school that you like, such as talking to your friends at lunch time, learning about various subjects and even some of your teachers, it is always the fact that you’re being bullied which dominates everything else. You may have fun hanging out with your friends, but you can’t relax because you’re always worried that a bully is going to come up to you and wreck your day. Your friends may be prepared to stand up for you, but, most likely, they will be too fearful for themselves to say anything.

For some reason, the bullies seem to hone in on you and it is often difficult to tell someone who could perhaps help you about it. You want to be regarded by everyone else as normal and so you don’t necessarily want to draw attention to the fact you’re being teased because you’re overweight or due to a physical imperfection. Besides, there is only so much your teachers can do and they may always be that sympathetic. You could tell your parents, but if they decide to see the principal they may cause you embarrassment and end up making the situation worse.

You know that if you want to get an education and attain the qualifications you need to get into college and build a decent career you have to keep attending school, which means you can’t let the bullies win. It can be a real challenge to motivate yourself to get out of the bed in the morning and to turn up for lessons when you face abuse day in, day out, though. Being bullied can have a damaging impact on your self-esteem and leave you feeling depressed, which is bound to affect your studies.

Bullying is something that most students encounter, but knowing that fact doesn’t make being bullied any easier to take. It impinges on what should be an enjoyable, enlightening experience, so that you don’t always make the most of the opportunities you have at school because you spend the majority of your time dreading the taunts you are likely to receive from the thuggish bullies you encounter on a daily basis.