How Bullying can Ruin Exam Success

Bullying has throughout the ages been a problem for all schools and colleges. It is unclear why some children get bullied more than others and why some pupils become bullies.

This article is mainly interested in the bullied and how this might affect schooling and exams. Some children are particularly prone to being bullied. Often it is simply because the child is a little bit different to other children in the class. It could happen because a child because has big ears, or the child comes from a different background to the rest of the class. Any small difference in appearance or speech to the run of the class might be enough for a particular child to be subject to being bullied.

The bullied child suffers, often alone and is too frightened to tell their parents or teachers. The child fears not being taken seriously, or being considered a sissy. Often children are expected to solve bullying problems for themselves. This isn’t realistic as the child might be bullied by most of the class and not just a single individual.

Bullying affects the child’s education.  Many children are bullied because they are studious and want to learn. However, it is difficult for the bullied child to concentrate on their school work if under the constant barrage of bullying. Many children will take time off of school pretending to be ill to have a respite from bullies. Others will not be able to concentrate in class because someone behind them is throwing things or being offensive. Sadly some children have been so affected by bullies they have committed suicide.

A child who is being bullied all day by other children can hardly be expected to do well in school. If day to day learning has been interrupted by episodes of bullying, then the result must come out in the examination room.

The good news is these days bullying is taken seriously by teachers and school heads. Teachers are now in some instances trained to spot bullying behaviour and step in to prevent children from being targeted by bullies.  Children can be removed from some classes to get them away from bullies are under certain circumstances educated separately. The bullies themselves can find themselves in classes on their own, as a bully will affect a whole class by the disruption the bully causes. Children should be encouraged to report bullies to their teachers before the problem becomes too deep routed. Bullies should not be tolerated in any school or college.