How Cell Phones are Affecting Writing Standards

Lol – laugh out loud

Gtg – got to go

Brb – be right back

U – you

Enuf – enough

What – wat

B4 – before

Roflmao – rolled over from laughing my ass off

Cud – could

Luv – love

These are just a few of the words and acronyms used when texting. Now that cell phones are common place and most of today’s youth owns one, a plethora of chat applications have sprung up. These days the English language has taken on entirely unrecognisable form which is only understood by teenagers.

Cell phone short hand and acronyms allows one to text quickly but to do so one has to alter the spelling of most words used. This has been the case and now a new form of language has been created. This continuous use of incorrect spelling are having negative long term effects. Many cell phone users are now no longer able to spell even the most basic words correctly.

What this means that whether at school, university or in the workforce many people are unable to perform basic tasks which would require correct spelling and grammar. The level of professionalism could suffer when simple exercises such as writing essays or creating business reports can no longer be completed according to the required standards. If businesses then in turn inadvertently use even one misspelled word in any form of print or online media it becomes easy for the consumer to doubt its credibility. Although many
companies now deliberately also use text language to appeal to younger

The ripple effect of this is that the next generation could follow the same bad habits and thereby not correcting the problem but making it worse. Let us not however forget that the evolution of any language is constant, but is our language in the case of cell phones text messages regressing?

Perhaps this is the next step for the English language. When one compares Shakespearean English to modern day English some may argue that the language has progressively worsened over the centuries. Language changes and language death is not uncommon but it is up to its users to ensure that this does not happen.

Fortunately correct English is still required at an academic level and in the business world and this in turn will force correct usage of the language. This may not be the case for the following generations as they are the ones mostly using text short hand may not deem previous spellings of words necessary. It may take decades for even this to come to pass, but it is still a real possibility.