How Community Service Enhances your College Application

High school students who want colleges to seriously look at their applications should consider doing community service. Colleges look for students who are well-rounded and who can exhibit involvement within their communities. So, if you want to give your college application that extra boost, you should think about being more involved in your community.

Some students think that they don’t need community service, and that they could depend on other extracurricular activities, like sports, to make up for a lack of community involvement. What these students do not realize is that doing sports describes a different set of characteristics than does community service. For instance, when you do sports, you usually participate in teamwork, good sportsmanship, responsibility, and timeliness. On the other hand, when you do community service, you also might participate in teamwork, but this is coupled with compassion, leadership, and also responsibility for yourself and others around you.

Colleges like students who have done and have committed to years of community service. So, when you do community service, you do not necessarily have to complete many different forms of service. You can decide on one, and then stick to that. Colleges like commitment, and if you could show that you have the willpower and personality to stick to one type of service rather than exploiting many types of community service, you can have a better chance of getting accepted to the college of your dreams.

Community service also enhances your reputation within the community. Think about your recommendation letters. Who is going to write them? If you have been active in your community, community leaders will be willing to write recommendations for you, and they can be witness to your involvement and commitment.

Most universities and colleges will not require community service, and neither will they mandate that all students should have community service on their applications for better consideration, but it is always a good idea to have more than enough on your applications. For instance, a “well-rounded” student will most likely have community service, at least one (if not two or more) extracurricular activities (such as sports or music or some other fine art), and one form of leadership experience (which may or may not be included in the community service or extracurricular activity).

As long as you try to commit to at least one form of community service, you will have a greater chance of being accepted to the college of your choice. Not only is community service good for you and your future, but it’s also great for your community.