How does one Define Illiteracy

Although, we take the ability to read for granted, being able to read fluently at a high level, it is something many unfortunate people are not able to conquer weather it be a disability or never given the chance to learn. The ability to read, enabled us to communicate, it is known as the second form of communication following direct contact which is in some cases not possible. It would alter one life extremely if one could once read but then no be able to later.
First of all, not all people able to read but those blessed enough to be able to read could not imagine life without reading after mastering the concept of reading. For example, if a person used the bus everyday to get from home to work. If they aren’t able to read the bus signs, then how can they get off at the right stop, or know where they are. Another example, if a literate person was simply microwaving popcorn, they would not be able to read the “This side up” sign informing which side goes up to make sure the bag does not burn. Or what button to press, considering the person cannot read the popcorn-labeled button.
Also, another aspect of being illiterate is that writing is a form of relief or a hobby sometimes for people. Thus, there would be no way of writing and use of writing if a form of written communication had not been established. A good example is in Islam, after a certain age, men and woman are not suppose to interact unless they are related or spouses. Thus, if two people were to debate about a topic, they would write it and converse in writing verses direct conversation but if the people were illiterate there would not be a possible solution .
In conclusion, I say the ability to read is a gift that most readers take for granted but in reality it is the most vital thing to our civilization. In other words, what is the difference between the people of this century and cavemen. The difference is that the way society functions, in today’s society interaction is in many forms not just direct contact, but in writing and other forms too. One last point, in Islam, scholars say, “The Arabic people were choose over the other nations because their tool of life, was language and because of this, the Quran is written in Arabic and the Holy Prophet was Arabic.”. Thus showing the importance between language and the ability to read and communicate in society.