How does one Define Illiteracy

Hello it’s me again. I got such a good response to the last thing I wrote about the importance of parental involvement in improving  child literacy that I decided  to write another special because I read a fair bit whenever I can get a hold of my dad’s playboy magazine and it helps a lot with literacy and reading and stuff like that if you don’t  mind the pictures. Dad said my article would be a waste of time. Mum said to go ahead, who cares, no one will be able to understand it anyway.

Now anyone who read my earlier article may have noticed that I complained about all the red lines that keep coming up whenever I use the stupid computer to do something. My parents told me that it’s because I can’t spell properly and I should use spell check, whatever that is . Boy of boy I get mad with everything having a red line under it but my parents just give up on me and don’t want to know.

I do know about paragraphs though and full stops, other tricky things like commas and question marks.  My parents said that was punctuation and not illiteracy which they said  was a big problem for me and far beyond their capabilities to correct.  They said I should read some basic children’s books but some of the words with more than four letters are ridiculous and I can’t  understand them.

Dad sed that illiteracy is wehn you cant read or rite. crap i sed i can rite and read some of the words may be different to how i spell them but my english teachor in remedial class reckons she can understand about 50 % of what i rite 50% of most of the time . She can read well so if she can read what i rite ans she is not illerate then neither am I i dont think .

It would be nice if my parents helped me out a bit more instead of dad reeding playboy and mum off at the poker machines. Both reckon they need a bit of realaxahun and to get out of the house insted of trying to improve my literacy.I making a bit of progress cos the red lines only come and go some of the time.

You know a funny story .dad took me to pick up mum frum the pokies and guess what we sore. Mum was sitting down next to the remedial reading teachor and both were drinking big glasses of cock tales . Mum said they were talking about how good my litteracy was .

Maybe this year my parents will have to get involved with me cos my computor goes boserk . YOu see i found spellcheck but its useless as you can see .It doesn’t tell me anything about illitteracy let alone literacy.


This article is written tongue in cheek as an example of how the current education system is failing the up and coming generation.  The computer age is breeding students who cannot write essays, spell correctly and prefer to watch movies rather than read a good book.

The poor child who wrote this article was so desperate to get a good rating he begged his father to correct any mistakes. You will notice that his father got as far as the end of the third paragraph before he gave up in despair.

Parents, you really need to take an interest in your child’s education. If you rely on a computer as a teacher you could well end up with a child who may be able to read and write but  the last four paragraphs of this article may well be what to expect when it comes to the child writing an article.