How Internet Communication Destroys Writing Standards among Teens

From time immemorial, from what we saw around us, it was obvious that there was creativity among teens, both in thinking and in writing ability. This is because most of the time, it is ‘from the abundance of the mind that the hand writes’. The importance of the mind during the teenage years can never be overemphasized because it is its development that helps in latter years of adulthood. Teens, as research has shown us in the years past, were more creative in writing solely because there was no ‘aid’ or perhaps they had more thinking zeal. This, however, has been greatly marred by the impediment which the internet poses.

The birth of internet communication can be traced as far back as 1969 when the first sort of interconnected networking system, called Arpanet, was established. Internet communication has greatly destroyed writing standards among teens. The internet, more than any technology, has been a very great platform for both learning and fun since its advent. It has had great impact on youths and adults alike. It has been of very great advantage ever since but as far as teens writing standards is concerned, it has done more harm than good.

The internet, when it comes to teens’ writing standards, has been more of diversion than help with many online games and fun stuff. Teens now find it more difficult to seat undistracted in front of their computers; unlike before when they would be fully concentrated on a particular piece of book. They would rather play online games, chat with a friend or even download or watch a movie over the internet than, in their word, ‘waste time studying, practicing or writing some freaking essays’.

The disturbing truth is that teens know that many articles on different topics and of different lengths are on the internet and how to get them, so they do not see any reason why they should waste time on creative writing any more. Internet communication, as we all know, is the most widely used means of communication and the fastest means of interaction around. Hence, it has affected the writing standard of youths because most articles online, some of which I have experienced, are full of grammatical blunders and errors which is very misleading to a teen who just jumps on the internet to get material for school work. This is what they do of course.

It is also pertinent to pay attention to the fact that medically, research has shown that too much exposure to the computer, perhaps from the use of the internet, by teens for a long time can cause Repetitive Strain Disorder and eye defect which can necessitate the use of eye glass. Definitely, this will in turn affect the study of such a teen.

From the foregoing, we have found that the internet has greatly led to a downward slide in teens’ writing standards. However, it would not be proper to stand arms-folded and watch the ‘pandemic’ called internet slowly but surely destroy writing skills among our teens. A better way-out will be constant re-enlightenment and re-orientation. Teens and adults now need, more than ever before, to be re-enlightened and re-oriented on the proper use of the internet for a better world, a world of ‘creative writing’.