How Internet Communication Destroys Writing Standards among Teens

I am a good writer. Some days I do find myself typing the way I would in a conversation on AIM. Hitting the backspace key just wastes time that I could be using to fulfill my hopes of finishing that English paper that is do tomorrow! I constantly find myself using short hand in these formal writing essays that I have to turn in. Luckily, unlike some people, I do catch these mistakes before I hit the button to print.

I guess these little errors that currently pop-up do make myself more aware. This helps me to check back over my written assignments just to make sure that I did not slip anything unnecessary in. Unnecessary being that little “r” for the word are or anything relating to that. I know that before, when I would not find myself turning to this kind of lingo, I would not go back over and thoroughly check through all of my work for this common error.

My thoughts on why we use Internet communication in our actual formal writing would have to be because we think it is quicker. We are incredibly wrong. I mean, we either start to type it and then waste time hitting the backspace key or we print it off, realize that we made mistakes, do not think that we have enough time to fix it, and then turn it in. The turning in with errors ends up resulting in a failing grade. This could end up resulting in retaking that class again. This obviously wastes valuable time in which we could be soaring to new heights with our future careers!

I am honestly not sure how we can reverse this process. It is incredibly common to us teens these days. We find ourselves using this frequent lingo not only on the computer, but on our cell phones as well. This new phase is slowly seeping into the average adult’s life too! I suppose that we should all just be more aware of things. We need to separate our on-line social life from our English assignments. As hard as it will be, we all have to agree that it has to be done.

There is no way I personally would hand in any assignment that stated this, “i cnt blieve tht hppnd!” I just could not do it. What if future students do this so frequently that they deem it alright? That would be a huge nightmare. I am one to go crazy with a red pen on some current students’ assignments these days! I doubt I would b able to get through a three page paper written like that!

I have officially decided that our Internet communication is making us all dumber. End of story.