How Moving to different Schools Affects Students

Today, parents are concerned with psychological and other effects that their children go through when they change schools. This is usually even more evident among kindergarten children. The younger a child is, the more vulnerable they are to be effected by stress. Not only does changing schools affect children who are leaving, but it greatly affects those who remain as well.

Psychological effect

One of the effects that changing school will have on students is its psychological effect. Usually when children are returning to school at the beginning of the term, they are excited as well as nervous. Things that go through their minds are which class they will be placed in, if they will have new friends and who they will be or whether their old friends will turn up back at school.

It gets even worst when they have to start school in a new location. Though they might be prepared for the obvious things such as new environment, new classmates as well as new teachers, still, they often feel awkward turning up at school for the first.

At this time of transition the mental strain on some students (especially the younger ones) can keep him or her from getting on socially because of fear of being rejected or of being ridiculed by other students. Sometimes this can lead to hostility on the behalf of a student attending a school for the first time.

Social effect   

Moving children from one school to the next can cause a child to show signs of social breakdown. This is usually more evident in the lives of students who are “regular movers.” Leaving old friends behind and going into a new environment can sometimes make an individual feel alone as well as at a lost. Doubts will often linger in the minds of children transitioning to a new school concerning such things as whether they will make new friends, will they be forgotten by friends left behind or will they fit in the school’s curriculum.

Academic effect

Another effect children who are transitioning to a new school can experience is a drop in academic performance. Coping with things such as new building settings, new classmates and even traveling to a different location can affect studies. Students while in school might not be taught by some teachers; however, being on the compound during the school year and seeing those teachers almost on a daily basis can give them a sense of security. Going to a new school and seeing a new set of teachers can add to academic decline on the part of students.

How to help students to adjust

There are a number of ways by which parents can help students to adjust in their new school. One way is by encouraging them to keep links with their friends from the previous school. They can do so by communicating through e-mails, telephone and using social media such as Face Book.

Sometimes before changing a child from one school to another, parents can sit with the child and explain the reasons to him or her why the transition is a necessary one. They should do so with an understanding heart knowing that the child might not be able to cope with the change easily.

Parents can lower stress on the child caused from changing to a new school by letting their child know that they will be there for them. Instead of the child feeling that he or she will have to face the new school population all alone, he or she will feel safer knowing that there is a mommy or daddy to turn to in a crisis.    

Parents must find ways to make moving to a new school fun and adventurous. If parents show how excited they are about the child moving to a new school then chances are the child’s excitement will grow and thus he or she will find it easier to adjust.

Another important way of helping the child to adjust to his or her new school is by advising the child to pursue extra curriculum activities such as sports and after school activities like drama, Spanish as well as math clubs.

Not to leave out how important it is for parents to get involved with their child’s new school. They can do this by attending parent teachers meetings and having private talks with the class teacher.

Though there are various ways students can be affected when making the transition to a new school environment, there are also different ways parents can help them to cope. Going to a new school does not mean that a child has to suffer a setback, but instead he or she can use the experience as a means of maturing to a new level.