How Public Schools can Improve Teacher Effectiveness

Public schools can do much to improve teacher effectiveness. Even small and inexpensive measures can go a long way in helping teachers effectively instruct students. Schools should try many measures to help their teachers.

Provide training

Beginning teachers often get thrown right into the classroom with little or no training. Provide training for your teachers on effective teaching methods and behavior modification strategies. Make sure that these are targeted to the age and level of the children. Another way to help new teachers is to offer a mentorship program with a more experienced teacher.

Children generally respond better to positive forms of discipline such as praise as opposed to negative forms like punishment, suggests Top Schools. Share some of the positive ways that teachers can encourage their students while staying calm. This can help them impart their lessons better.

Stand behind teachers

If teachers do not feel supported by the school, they may feel disheartened and underappreciated, and this can translate to poorer performance. School officials should provide teachers with a way to communicate their needs. They should provide support inside the classroom and out. The teachers should not feel like the school placates the parents at any cost. For instance, if a child is constantly disrupting a class, the school should provide other measures to help the child outside of the classroom.

Offer positive reinforcement

Children are not the only ones who respond to positive reinforcement. When a teacher does well, reward them. Instead of just having a teacher of the year, have a teacher of the month. Praise teachers who accomplish a lot with the children such as helping kids improve scores or improve their behavior. Make a big deal of such rewards so that others will be more likely to try to accomplish the same things.

Use innovative techniques

Various techniques can allow instructors to teach in a more effective way. For instance, many students respond well to computer-based strategies. If financially possible, provide teachers with computers so that they can teach in these ways with their students. Neir Tec suggests that technology can be built into many different subjects such as math and language arts. Students also like games and other hands-on activities. These are available for all subjects from school supply stores. Get tools like these to help your teachers in the classroom.

To be effective teachers must have both skill and motivation. The above techniques can help increase teacher effectiveness.