How school bullies are made

If only debates could resolve such issues with merely a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Consider such a massive undertaking.  To ‘fairly’ criminalize bullying you would first have to go to the source.  While unsure about how many nursing home detention centers there are in the U.S, that number might increase greatly.

Consider it like this:  If a man obtained a bomb from a certain Bomb Maker, you punish the guy who sets off the bomb hurting innocent people.  But, would you simply arrest that man and allow the’Bomb Maker to go free?  Where’s the logic in that?

Bullies are not made in a vacuum, they are sculpted and reared into what they become.  Hate begets hate, meanness begets meanness, like begets like.

If a child is raised in an atmosphere where he is bullied and abused the whole of his life, and he learns no other behavior, doesn’t it stand to reason that he could very well end up living what he knows?  Where’s the big surprise when the kid grows up, goes to school and, in turn, bullies someone he feels not threatened by?  After all isn’t that how you’re suppose to treat people?  That’s the way he was taught.  Is there another way?  It seems to have worked for his father, and his father before him.

These kids are not ‘Bad Seeds’ or even the ‘Devil’s Spawn’.  They are simply misguided children.  They grow up feeling worthless and unloved by the very people who’s purpose is to love and nurture them.  For the lack of a better phrase ‘they simply do not know any better.

How can children learn what they were never taught?  Instead they walk through life watching the other children in their lives, whether on T.V. or in school or wherever.  They see all that they do not have.  Again where’s the surprise when they seem to be looking for ways to make someone feel as bad as they do?

So by all means throw away what you don’t want to take the time to try and fix.  Lock them up and convince them that they really are as bad as they’ve been raised to believe, instead of doing the right thing and finding a way to somehow retrain them, or even turn them around. 

Don’t isolate the bullies by confirming for them that they’re no good; open their eyes.  Reach out to them. Education is always the key.   Remember you really are your brother’s keeper.