How Special High School Programs help Prepare Students for College

During your high school junior year or the start of your high school senior year, you have to take the necessary preparations for college such as applications. That is if you choose to continue your education at a two-year or four-year college for the most part. However, you do not automatically go into college right after high school.

You have to do numerous things prior to sending in an application; thus, you may have to take tests for starters. You may have to write some entrance exam essay in addition. Plus, you have to consider the possibility you may not get into the school of your first choice. More importantly, you have to consider the cost of going into college.

College tuition fluctuates from one institution to another. There are places that do not charge much are places that do charge a lot. You have to think about how you plan to finance your school tuition, room, board, and so forth. Unfortunately, there are majors that take a lot of your time in which you would be unable to pursue a minor or a part-time job.

For these reasons, high schools have implemented special programs to prepare students to get into college. One example would be the initiative taken by Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) to help schools in both Charlottesville and Albermarle. PVCC works with the WALK program of Charlottesville’s schools and the Enterprise program of Albermarle schools. This initiative is to prepare students on the path to college such as completing applications and going through with getting financial aid.

In an article on WestEd, there are things recommended by the United States Department of Education. The following are: the offering of a curriculum that prepares students for college such as understanding the academic requirements for getting into and succeeding in college, get students to understand their readiness for college, surround students with those that build and support on aspirations for college, helping them complete the required steps for getting accepted into and entering college, and increasing the awareness of the financial situation.

These are the two examples in which high schools utilize programs in helping students prepare for and get into college. Depending on what school you want to apply for, there are schools that already offer courses on preparing for your SAT and ACT exams. Depending on the scores of your SAT and/or ACT, that increases the chances of you getting the college of your choice along with getting scholarships. In those classes, you do take mock tests.

In the case of Oregon, its expanding two of its high school programs called Oregon Gear Up and Aspire. These two programs work to an extent with what is recommended by the US Department of Education. The first program, called Oregon Gear Up, is targeting students that live in rural and usually low-income districts.

Instead of just encouraging students to go into college, these high school programs help them with the necessary steps to prepare them for the college life.