How Students can help to keep their School Clean and Tidy

School pride is not only meant for pep assemblies but also for how a student shows they care about their campus. No matter what grade or educational level a person has, they should show pride in their school in their achievements and by keeping it clean and tidy. Each student has a responsibility to clean up after themselves at home, so why not at school? With a few of the following suggestions students can help keep their school looking beautiful and stay clean too.

Pick up trash

Students can pick up trash that they notice lying around when they are walking to their next class or around the campus. For sometimes students might drop a piece of trash and not pick it up because they’re in a hurry, or they missed the trashcan when trying to make that basket. Rather then scolding the other person or walking by it as well, pick it up and throw it out. If the school has a recycle bin, toss it in there if possible.

While on breaks, lunch or even in class make sure to toss out garbage and clean up the area. This small step will take only a few extra moments and will also show your peers and teachers you have respect for your school and the items you have been blessed to use. By leading by example others too may be able to begin seeing a change in your actions causing a chain reaction for them too to pick up after themselves and possibly others!

The Green Team

This is an idea that many schools are beginning to participate in. A group of students is in charge of keeping the school clean of debris, and recycling and garbage. The green team can meet once a week (or more) and collect trash and recycling from around the campus. If no recycling bins are present the group can place large trash cans that are labeled “cans and bottles” with another portion, or sign above saying “No Trash.” This will help having to sort through bottles and cans even more.

During the lunches and breaks, students can help keep the school clean by putting recyclable items in the correct bins and trash in their proper places also. Once a week the group can empty and gather the recyclable items and take them to a recycle center. Or the teacher can be in charge of this. The profits that are made (if available in your area) can be used to purchase items that students can purchase with a reward system.

For example, the group can buy a roll of raffle tickets and give some to teachers to give out to students they see participating and picking up garbage. Once a month or once a semester, students can redeem tickets for prizes at a local prize booth. The prize booth can be placed in a office, or if necessary inside the principal’s office.  Students can get items that are school oriented such as pencils, paper or perhaps a free homework pass. Really the prizes can be anything that a student would enjoy earning tickets for.

Not only will this prize system work for students to get more involved but it will also create a cleaner school in the process as students will begin competing for tickets in order to get the best prizes. It’s a win-win.

Beautification Day

With the help of the principal, come up with a beautification day. This day can involve students, teachers, parents and other members of the community. The truth is that everyone wants to keep their school’s clean and tidy but not always can the janitors keep up with everything. Even they can use some help at times. By hosting a beautification day, students and adults can work together on fun projects to help make the school appear at it’s best. These things could include pulling weeds, raking up leaves, if it’s snowing or has recently snowed the students can also shovel snow and throw down rock salt in order to keep it safe for students and students in wheelchairs to get to classes.

Aside from this students and teachers can paint walls that have been covered with graffiti or writing in the bathrooms. This will keep the bathrooms and the walls outside of the school looking nice. After all, it’s not just the interior of schools that need to stay clean but the exterior as well.

No matter whether students are cleaning the inside of outside of the school one of the biggest things a school and students can do is pick up their trash and place it in the correct bins. This is such a small step that will make such a giant difference. It is important for parents as well to encourage children of all ages to pick up their garbage both inside and outside of the home. Together if each person follows these tips all schools will begin to seem tidy and cleaner in no time.