How Students can keep School Clean and Tidy

Having a dirty school that is littered with discarded rubbish can be incredibly frustrating, not only for the teachers but also for the pupils. People should be able to take pride in their school and it is much easier to take pride in a clean, tidy school than a dirty, littered one. Having students help keep their school clean and tidy not only means that the school will look better but the students will be more proud of it.

Students can help keep the school clean and tidy by always picking up their litter. So many students simply throw their litter onto the floor even though there is a dustbin very close by. This is not always easy because so many students do not want to be clean or tidy, but enforcing rules about littler is essential to keeping it clean. A punishment for throwing rubbish onto the ground is fair and will help stop people from doing it in the future.

But for every student that does not want to help keep the school clean there is always one that does, get these students together and give them the task of keeping the school grounds litter free. Give them rewards such as merit badges or certain privileges; soon you will have students queuing up to help!

Getting children to clean up after themselves is vital, they need to learn the value of cleaning up the mess that you have made and that someone will not always be there to do it for them. Have them clean up after themselves as they go, doing a small amount at a time will be a lot easier than doing a big clean up after they have finished.

There is nothing quite so disgusting as putting your hand under a chair or table and being met with a gross piece of chewing gum that has been rolling around someone’s dirty mouth for ages. Be strict about students chewing gum and the problem will gradually go away.

Instead of regular detention, have the detained children clean the school up, litter picking duties are still popular in many schools. The kids are given a bag and a “grabber” one of those extendable arms used to pick up rubbish and told to fill their bag.

Having the children keep the school clean should not be much to ask but sadly those that are not made to keep a clean room at home will be unlikely to do so in school and this makes the problem even more difficult.