How Students use their Spare Time tends to Reveal who they are

Students like to use their time in many different ways. Some may use their time prudently, such as doing homework, while others choose to be irresponsible in their usage, such as talking with friends in the hallway. This can be a window into the way they treat the rest of their lives.

First, examine the student who does homework. The class that they attend ends. They leave their desk, and make their way to the next classroom. They do not waste time talking to friends, and do not meander about. They make their way quickly to their seat, and begin to study the chapter that the teacher will be covering that day. This is a responsible student. By studying, they show that they are prepared, and want to be ready for what comes their way. They won’t be caught off guard by a pop quiz. Nor will they be caught off guard when their boss wants them to write the report that was supposed to be written two days later.

Next, look at the student who does nothing in general. When the bell rings, the student makes their way to the next class. They stop for a drink at the drinking fountain, but avoid wasting time. They sit at their desk quietly, and wait for the class to begin. This person is not particularly prepared, but nor do they show tendencies toward slacking. They will probably make their way through life in a mediocre fashion. Never quite the best, but never coming out on the bottom of the pile.

Lastly, consider the irresponsible student. When the bell rings, they finish the conversation they were having with another person, and leave thirty seconds after the bell. They hurry into the hall to meet with their significant other, who they see every day between classes. The two of them kiss and talk for a few minutes, and the bell rings. They hurriedly say goodbye, and rush off to their classes, where both of them are marked tardy by the teachers. They might have used their time wisely by finishing the homework that they both forgot, but instead, they waste time doing things that could be done later. This person will probably not get anywhere in life with their current actions. They will procrastinate constantly, and will be late to absolutely everything. This makes employers unhappy, which in turn makes the employee unhappy when they are fired.

How students use their spare time between classes reveals who they are. Their actions in the present influence the way that they will live their lives in the future. Old habits can die hard, and are born easily. Students need to take a look at their lives now and ask themselves, “Am I living my life the way I want to live it in the future?”