How Teachers can help Students Find Community Project Ideas

Community projects can help students help the community, use their time constructively and feel better about themselves. There are many community project ideas to choose from, and teachers can help students make the most appropriate choices.

How teachers can help students find community project ideas


Recycling helps saving trees, energy, water,  landfill space. By learning to recycle, students help saving the planet. Teachers can encourage students to design  beautiful recycling posters using the ”Recycle-Reduce-Reuse” or the ”Don’t Trash-Put in the Bin” theme and then hang them in visible areas. 

Another thing teachers can do is to arrange a ”recycling day” for their students once every week or once every two weeks. On this day, students and teachers will have to collect as many recyclable materials as they possibly can, go to a local recycling center, redeem them for cash, and then donate that cash to charities. Alternatively, the cash can be kept in a money jar and used for a big party at the end of the school year. 

Help the Homeless

Homeless centers are always in need of people to help them out.  Teachers can get in touch with local homeless centers to find out what exactly they need and make lists. Then, they can encourage their students to collect needed items, make crafts and bring them over to the local homeless centers every Saturday or Sunday morning. The student who contributes the most at the end of each week can be rewarded with a great book or a free movie ticket.


Teachers can encourage the creation of a community garden. This is a great way to clean up a community area and plant herbs and flowers. Younger students can take care of the planting while older students can take care of all the planning and supervising. All students can also try and make compost piles.  This is a great way for children to learn how to help the environment.

Used Books Sale

Teachers can encourage students to collect used books and hold a used book sale once every month. Students will be divided into teams and will be able to set their own prices and do all the marketing by themselves. The profits will be donated to a different charity every time. The team that will collect the most money will be rewarded with a free lunch at a restaurant of their choice. 

These are some of the many ways teachers can help students find community project ideas. The results can be surprisingly good.