How Technology is Changing the Face of Education

The traditional face of education is changing because of technology; classrooms are not needed to learn anymore.  One can pull out a tablet or  a laptop and catch an on line university course.  

Many high schools around the country are incorporating on line courses to regular high school curriculum.   Some children are being home schooled by parents allowed by schools in their districts that provide them with curriculum and guidelines for lesson plans.  

Education has many faces

The many faces of education include home schooling, video instruction, mail correspondence schools, and on line education.  The Internet has on line universities such as the University of Phoenix.  Video instruction by technical certification companies such as Microsoft, offers video courses on code writing and software training for a fee.   You tube is not only entertainment but offers, self marketing and educational videos too.  Some include language studies, computer code tutorials that last about ten minutes, but offer links to their websites.   Mail correspondence schools have been around longer than on line schools because instruction is by mail and allows the student to send in completed exams or papers to get a grade in course.

Education is no longer localized

Students do not have to travel to other countries or other states; if that school offers an on line program which many have to encourage enrollment.    Students from other countries are learning with the Internet as free resources are opened to them.  The addition of on line libraries have expanded the students an unlimited broad reach of free books.  In the 20th century, immigrants used the library as a method of educating themselves by learning English to make a better life for themselves during the turn of the century.

Technology is evolving

As technology increases so will education standards as the population will have to adapt to the changing technological economy.  Technology will create many jobs for the 21st century, and the populations will have to be trained or educated in computer, math and sciences to prepare for the jobs of the future.  Universities and high tech corporations are developing Internet 2 and are creating complex artificial intelligence computers that will one day help solve science theories and find medical cures for diseases such as Cancer.

Education will change 

Education will continue to change as technology continues to grow and develop into different areas of the worlds.  Economies will grow as populations adapt to their changing global economies. Businesses develop with the help of technology, education standards will rise all over the world as other nations compete against each other to attract foreign companies and new customers.

Is the world prepared for the upcoming changes in education and technology because both are developing simultaneously and both are interconnected.  As technology grows so will education continue to change.  As education changes to adapt to new technological jobs so will their education standards as technology keeps developing and growing.