How to Avoid Loneliness on Lunch Hour

In the lunch hour, students have many possibilities: they can either go to the cafeteria, eat in a nearby restaurant, eat their lunch on the school’s yard, eat at their locker or eat at home. The lunchtime is when most students socialize with others and make friends.

Although, socializing can be hard for some students. Many teenagers are bullied or don’t have any friends to sit with, and fear the lunch hour, because they know that they will be targeted by bullies. It happens more often than one would think, and it is hard for these students to concentrate on their classes when all they can think about is the lunchtime, which is coming too fast for them. For those students, the best solution would be to eat at home, but it is not always possible.

When it is not possible to go home for the lunch hour, students need to come up with solutions. For example, they could eat at their locker while doing homework; this way, they are avoiding most of the bullies who usually stay in the cafeteria. On the lunch hour, a student can also seek help from a teacher in order to understand better what they are studying or ask a teacher if they can take another try to a test they failed. By being with a teacher, the bullies will not approach their target; they are wise enough not to get caught by the teacher.

Students can also borrow books from the school’s library, but most schools do not accept food in there, so they have to eat lunch either before or after hunting for books.  Moreover, there are many clubs that will make reunions on lunchtime, whether it be maths club, chess club, etc. Clubs can be a good option for those who are having issues making friends; this way, they will find people with the same interests as theirs.

For musicians, many schools leave the music classrooms open on lunch hour so the students can take their instrument and play. A few schools keep the piano cubicles open too, but since pianos are very expansive, most of the teachers like to open the piano classroom(with headphones) rather than the cubicles.

For the students who don’t want to be alone on lunchtime, either because they are bullied or have issues making friends, they have to be aware that their school offer many alternatives so they don’t have to sit in the cafeteria. Sadly, not all the students know what their school offers, but it is possible to ask someone(the secretary for example) about it.