How to become an Outstanding High School Student

Becoming an outstanding high school student is something many people strive to do. However, not many people succeed. Some people focus too much on school work and studying while totally ignoring their social life and character, and others have too much fun to get into college while developing a great social life and character. While, to some people, education is the one determining factor that makes the outstanding students stand out from the rest, to me, becoming an outstanding high school student includes both getting good grades and having a life.

One thing I noticed during my freshman year of high school was that the guy poised to be the valedictorian was really cool. He wasn’t a nerd, he played tennis, and everyone liked him. In other words, he had the best of both worlds; he was cool, he had developed a good character, and he also had the grades. But the thing is, I didn’t really consider him as the best student in my class. That is, until I switched schools to a charter school. Once there, I saw many nerds running about, from fourth grade to even the tenth. This time, my class’ valedictorian was pretty cool. In fact, the nerds of my class were the ones that didn’t make NHS, and had a lot of missing assignments. At that point, I was forced to use my brain and think: what makes a high school student and outstanding student?

I finally came up with this answer. An outstanding high school student is a student that 1) does all of their work, has a high GPA, etc. and 2) has a social life, has manners, and has grown up. But many high school students are not like this. Most people tend to lean to one side, or live life like an immature teenager with money. So how can you avoid that fate and become a good high school student?

1) Get GREAT grades- In order to do this, you have to be nice your teachers (no matter how much you hate them), do all of your work in every class, make sure you get as much credit as you can for your work, and study for tests.

2) Hang out with GREAT Friends- Hang out with your friends, and don’t be too judgmental of them. Go to the mall every once in a while, have fun with them, and keep your friendships alive. Just make sure that you don’t stalk people who you want to be friends with but can’t be friends with.

3) Ask for help when you need it- You will more than likely need help in your four years of high school. Whether it’s in school or in relationships, you will probably need some help for at least one or two things during your high school career.

4) Be polite, and don’t judge everyone by the way they look- This is one of the biggest mistakes people make in high school. They think it’s all about themselves, and hauling their butt off to a good college. However, a mentality like that will get you nowhere. NEVER judge anyone by the way they dress or the way they look. The only way to judge someone in a way so that you reach a true verdict is to find out about their personality, not their background, or anything else. And also, be polite. Do you wonder why you see freshman shoved into trash cans? It’s all because they’re fresh, rude, and need to learn a lesson about manners.

So there you go. If you want to be a great high school student, do these things, and have a good life!