How to Behave at your Graduation Graduation Things not to do at a High School Graduation

At every graduation there is the graduate that stands out; the graduate who hoists the dean above his head, or says something outlandish when receiving his certificate. Mostly, it is an amusing and light hearted injection into an otherwise formal, stiff collar affair. But where does one draw the line as far as behaviour at a high school graduation goes? There are some things you don’t want to do at a high school graduation.

Arrive drunk. Getting to your graduation drunk is a no no. Yes, the excitement of graduating can lead teens to do stupid things. They may decide to go have a drink, or several drinks, to celebrate or to prepare for the graduation ceremony. Staggering up to the podium on graduation day is like taking several steps backward when you should be moving forward. More importantly, you are not legally allowed to drink if you are in the United States until age 21. Appearing drunk at your graduation will tell everyone that you have no respect for the law.

Swear. The high school graduation ceremony is sacred. It is a rite of passage and should be honored as such. It is, therefore, the time that you want to lay aside bad habits and put your best foot forward. When you are in the graduation procession, sitting with your peers or accepting your diploma, watch your mouth and what comes out of it.

Pick a fight. You may be saying, “really, how often does that happen?” The answer is, more often than you think. It may or may not become physical but it doesn’t have to be. Even verbal confrontations or fights should be avoided. Anyone who has been to graduations can attest to hearing taunts, playful or otherwise, directed towards others. Perhaps some students use this time to settle an old score, or get one last crack at being the big boy or girl on campus. Restraint is key. You are graduating; a great accomplishment. It is not the time to a settle score or engage in bullying behaviour. As a member of your graduation class, show some class.

Arrive late. The night before graduation day get to bed early. Ensure that your clothes are prepared the night before so there is no rush on graduation day. Arriving late for graduation is like arriving late for your own wedding. Not cool. If you are not on time, you could very well lose your moment in the spotlight and your parents will not be happy with you, not to mention all the people you will inconvenience as you try to find your place in the graduation class.

Graduation is is one of life’s milestones. It is a rite of passage, a movement from one stage of life to another. As a graduate, you have sacrificed much and achieved a lot. Leave the bad and unsavoury behaviour for later if you must.