How to Choose a Science Video on Teacher Tube

In order to determine what videos from “Teacher Tube” you should show to your class you must first decide what topic you will be teaching at the time and what video age group is appropriate. Here is a list of videos from Teacher Tube and links to them and a brief description of the video:

1) mitosis cycle

This video is targeted for a high school age group whether it be in Anatomy or in Physical science. This video would appeal to students in that age group because it has up to date music in the back ground, it’s a short video therefore the attention of the students will be kept, and it explains mitosis in a simple way that is very easy to understand.

2) the seasons change

This video is targeted for the middle school to early high school age group. It is loud, has bright colors, and says what it means with no metaphors. Preteens and teens want to get to the point and that is exactly what this video does. The video will capture the attention of the students and teach them why the seasons happen and when. 

3) The cloud formations

This video is perfect for the early elementary school age group. This video has music and multiple pictures with definition of what the difference in the clouds are. It will entertain as well as teach. 

If you have decided not to use one of these videos there is another way to find a video on Teacher Tube to show to your class.

First, you will need to decide on the topic you would like the video to be. After finding your topic you will need to go to the top right corner and type in a key word from the topic you have chosen. Scope through the videos that are brought up and find the one for you. Imagine if it were you watching the video at your students age, and judge the video by that. The younger the student is the louder and brighter the video will need to be. Older students are more apt to watch the video as long as it pertains to their everyday life. Between the older and the younger age you will need the music and the association with their lives and/or age group.