How to Choose a Theme for your Prom

Choosing a theme for your prom can be extremely important. No one wants to remember their special dance having a theme that mirrors their ten year old sister’s birthday party. This can be a very hot topic and cause lots of debates just like the questions where will the venue be, do we want a live band or a DJ, and are we having food?

Knowing in advance that everyone has different tastes and not everyone will agree is key. There are many jobs and decisions to be made surrounding prom. This is why having a prom committee can be advantageous to all.

First as a committee pick a small selection of themes. There are themes scattered around the web to help you get some ideas. These themes can be based around events, songs, an era, or anything.

Once you have a few selected run it by the principal. Once approved submit these theme options to the senior class to be voted on. Voting is your best friend. If your school has a prom committee do not fall into the trap of simply letting them decide the preferences for the entire senior class. Just because ten people like an idea doesn’t mean the other one hundred seniors will as well.

As a committee there will be plenty of other things you have to decide without including the rest of the senior class’ opinion. Do yourselves and your class the courtesy of including them in as many choices as you can.

Remember the prom is for the whole senior class, not just the few of you on the prom committee. Let everyone have their equal chance to cast a vote. If there is a tie or not enough votes, then the prom committee should step up and decide for everyone.

Remember that prom is a formal event, not a house party. Prom can still be fun but formal. Work within your means. Find out your school’s budget. Don’t go overboard with decorations for your theme. A little goes a long way. Remember the lights will be dimmed or possibly off with just the DJ’s lights illuminating the dance floor. This means decorations won’t necessarily be seen and that money will go to waste.

Make sure you don’t go beyond your means with a theme where you don’t have enough money for good music. This is your prom, and you will be dancing most of the night so bad music can completely ruin everyone’s evening. Choosing a venue is normally one of the top concerns alongside music.

A cool venue tends to trump a theme, and can lead you in the direction of your theme. Is your venue seaside? Name your prom theme, “Shores of Venice” or “Tropical Paradise” and decorate accordingly.

Finally, remember that choosing your theme can also decide the attire. Picking a era theme will push men to show up in three-piece suits with fedora hats and the women to wear flappers. This could be pricey for some causing many to just show up however they please. If too many people do this the theme will only be from decorations which could ruin the whole idea.

In the end, have fun, respect others, and keep it classy.