How to Deal with a Bully at School

I know how exactly to deal with a bully at school as I have before been the victim of a bully. I was actually the victim of a former friend. As you make the change from primary to secondary school, people change. Maybe not at first but most people change and sometimes it is not for the better.

When I was younger my Mum got my hairdresser cut most of my hair off and as I am a girl I thought I didn’t want to look like the opposite sex, thats why we are different. At first it was hard as people would stare and laugh but as time went on I go used to it.

When it came for the change from Primary school to Secondary school, thats when things began to change. One of my friends started to socialize with some people who weren’t that nice and as when you first get to know someone you try impressing them. Well she did by making me the result of vicious attacks. Maybe not physically but verbally. People say “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, it hurt. It hurt so bad I would come home and just spend all night crying, but I just didn’t know what to do.

I was too scared to do anything, so my friends did something for me. They informed my Head of Year what was happening, at first he seemed really scary yelling at the other girl. It made me feel like he was yelling at me even though I had not done anything wrong. Only when we had left his office did I realize that he wasn’t yelling at me but he was yelling at the other girl for my best interest.

Since then, me and the former bully don’t talk much at all. We have a few classes together but we don’t really acknowledge each other. I don’t mind actually I prefer it because every now and again I remember what she did to me and it makes me so mad but I don’t say anything. I know it is in the past and it should stay there. That is where I want it to stay.

So all I can say to people who are being bullied is you really do need to tell somebody. I know when adults say you need to tell someone if your being bullied you may think what do they know. Well take it from someone who does, if it’s not going to stop. Make it stop. Tell someone.