How to Deal with a Bully in School

They say a tyrant fears none but the one he oppresses. Same with bullies. Their I-fear-none attitude is merely a facade. Deep down they are just as vulnerable as you are. Their biggest fear is that their victims will turn around and strike back.

Bullies are the worst cowards. Stand up to them and they will never bother you again. Bullies are made because of many reasons. Either they have been a victim of a previous bully and are taking their anger and frustration out on others; or they may have an overbearing personality which finds gratification in intimidating weaker people. Some bullies are sadists, who derive a certain sordid pleasure in watching other people suffer.

All bullies are the same. At least their minds work the same way. They spell insecurity. A bully will never bother with you when he knows you have the strength to fight back. I, myself was a victim of bullying in  my school years. It was a more subtle form of bullying. She was a tall, imposing girl and I had an inexplicable fear of her. In my first year of school, she sat next to me and made life a virtual hell for me. She would pinch me in my place, abuse me, copy my work and pretend it was hers. Even as we grew older, she knew she had some power over me. I was asked to copy her notes and do her homework. I never refused because I was too afraid to do so. I endured this for 8 years. Then one day I worked up my courage and refused her. Point blank. She never troubled me again.

Observe a bully. He swaggers and swears and is all bravado. If you strip him down there’s nothing but a spineless, weak creature. He targets only the weak. He is always flanked by his monstrous cronies. His physical weakness is substituted by their strength. He is the brains and they are the brawns. Without them he is nothing. There are solitary bullies too. They are much easier to handle than those who come in packs. 

Never ignore a bully. It only makes them more persistent. Threaten to report them to the authority. Usually this is enough to drive them away. But if they persevere, take the matter to your teacher. If she finds it too trivial a matter to take action or demands proof (usually bullies work very discreetly), inform your parents.

Sometimes the victim is too afraid to report because the bully threatens to do all manner of diabolical things “if you tell”. These  are empty threats. This in itself shows how scared they are of being caught and chastised. If you are being tormented by a bully in school, always move with a pack of friends who can defend you if you are assaulted at any time.Bullies single out those who are alone and defenceless. If your bully resorts to physical abuse, learn some methods of self defence. Striking back always helps. 

Bullies are usually cowed by a little guts. Impress them. Even if you’re quaking underneath, you need to put on a show of bravery. challenge them and they will back down. But do not take on them if they are too strong for you. You will only hurt yourself.