How to Deal with being Bullied

Being bullied can be just a matter of heredity. Kids grow at different rates, especially during school years. Those who don’t grow big enough and quickly enough are often prime targets of those who do.

When you and your classmate are both ten years old and about the same size, it’s easy to hold your own in a game when there’s a dispute over who gets to bat next. However, it may be only three or four years later when the same incident happens.

This time you’re five feet tall and a hundred pounds. You find you’re facing the same kid who is already at six feet and tips the scales at 200 pounds. This could be a typical situation on how you can deal with being bullied. Some suggestions could help you decide what to do in such situations.

Stand your ground. This isn’t easy when a face-to-face confrontation is actually you staring into his shirt button. However, bullies who challenge don’t like to be met with an equal challenge. When you’re right, state your case and tell the bully to back off. Very often, it works, because the bully may actually be more frightened than you are. You may get a black eye for your bravery, but it will show your peers and future bullies that you don’t run from a fight.

Don’t play the nerd. You may be the smartest kid in the class, get the highest grades and ace all the tests. However, instead of admiration, you may be rewarded with ridicule and name-calling. Be a well-rounded student, excelling in both academics and other activities.

For example, if you’re a genius with electronics, the other kids will come to you with questions about their iPads and SmartPhones. Participate in sports, but you don’t have to be a sports hero to be the most popular kid in the class. Bullies tend to pick on the shy nerdy kids, but won’t bother the one surrounded by friends and admirers.

Keep yourself in the best possible shape. Work out often, and walk around with self-confidence. Be a proud individual, and look everyone in the eye. Bullies tend to run in packs, so if one has been picking on you, wait for a moment when you can be alone with him.

Then, discuss your differences with confidence. Bullies need audiences when they intimidate other kids, and when you catch one alone, you may find out that the supposed bully is actually an insecure kid more scared than you are.

There are many ways to deal positively with being bullied, and the most effective is to hold your ground and stand up to the challenge. A black eye will eventually heal, but the reputation of being a nerd seems to last forever.